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The Two Girls Gems collection is made by hand selecting quality vintage pieces and combining them with modern beads, chains and gemstones. Buckles, clips, brooches and chains are all reinvented; the transformation of each piece inspired by its unique vintage elements. The result is heirloom pieces for the next generation. We take pride in primarily using sterling silver or 14K gold or gold fill.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Metalworking technique Repousse vs. Chasing

This locket is a great example of repousse. The word repousse (with an accent on the e) is French and means "pushed up" ultimately from Latin; Pulsare, which means to push. Repusse is a metal working technique in which a malleable metal is ornamented by hammering on side. This technique creates a raised design on the front side. This is a relatively economical method that produces a diversity of effects. 
Chasing is the opposite of repousse. The background on the backside of this locket has used chasing to create the sky.  Chasing is from the noun "chase" which refers to a grove, channel or indentation, also known as embossing. Often these two methods are used in conduction to create a finished piece. Both these methods date back to Antiquity.