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The Two Girls Gems collection is made by hand selecting quality vintage pieces and combining them with modern beads, chains and gemstones. Buckles, clips, brooches and chains are all reinvented; the transformation of each piece inspired by its unique vintage elements. The result is heirloom pieces for the next generation. We take pride in primarily using sterling silver or 14K gold or gold fill.
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Little Black Dress

Many women love to wear a little black dress for the holiday parties. And why not? Black cocktail and party dresses are always in style. Men always love women who wear black, because black is sexy. Black usually makes us look thinner as well. So the question now becomes, not what to wear, but what to wear with it. How do you make the little black dress "yours". Once you have found the little black dress you must accessorize! New life can be given to the old little black dress with current trendy jewelry. Class and sophistication can be given to the tight and sleezy black dress with a simple string of pearls. Finding the right piece of jewelry to your dress will add the subtle sensuality of your mood. Pictured on our blog are some women that have ROCKED the little black dress Emma Stone looks smashing in this little black dress.